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November 08, 2010


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Eli berniker

Overgeneralizing the term network suggests to many that they are already a "networked organization" without a need for change. That is similar to what happened to the term "team." Supervisors glibly claimed they had "team." "Everybody who works for me is my team."

So, if increased networking is to represent some changes in organizational conduct, those differences should be made explicit.

There is a form of natural networking in organizations that belong to the class of activities called "work arounds." These are the many ways that methods, procedures, and policies are bypassed to get work done. The necessity of work arounds makes explicit the need for greater networking as an explicit characteristic of organizations.

legitimizing work arounds would release considerable networking however it would also legitimize many kinds of discretion that the organization does not authorize.

I do not think that those difficulties will disappear with ease. Change in some explicit practices will be necessary.

Eli Berniker

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