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June 10, 2009


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Barry Camson

Bernard, I agree that there are many new approaches that we have encountered and been using since the days of Socio-Technical Systems. Strength based approaches and Appreciative Inquiry are certainly one very helpful category of these. You describe a synergy that will be very interesting to pursue in the future in terms of the marriage of Web2 interactive tools and evidence-based practices. One example might be, "Tweet what you see going well in the organization." As tools progress, it will be possible to thematize and retain these as the basis for future action.

Bernard Mohr

Barry - thanks for a helpful, informative and thought provoking piece! The connection to our work (in the 70's 80' and early 90's) in Socio-Technical Systems driven organization design is an important one, insofar that the outcomes,as you clearly write, were very consistent with the moonshot goals that Hamel proposes. Of course much has changed since then and at the same time much remains the same. In the "what has changed" category, the shift towards the importance of conversations in a knowledge economy is significant. With this in mind, the potential marriage between Web2 interactive tools and the evidence based practices supporting strength based innovation is a compelling possibility!- Bernard Mohr

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