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June 05, 2009


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Barry Camson

Stacy you raise a number of good points in your comment. You talk about capturing tacit knowledge when people leave an organization. There is an ongoing conversation about this though there are far too many situations where this is not done. You add what I see as a less discussed point which is capturing knowledge and sharing knowledge during the onboarding process. Certainly the organization shares knowledge, but your comment raises the issue of whether there should be knowledge capture from the person joining the organization as part of the onboarding process? I am curious as to your thoughts on this?

Stacy Goodman

I really like the elements of your post that relate to imbedding knowledge capture and knowledge sharing into talent processes like - onboarding and training. One of the things I find fascinating about KM is that to truly make it work within an organization it must be inextricably linked to the talent management model (for incoming employees, in existing processes and when dealing with outgoing employees who are taking all the tacit knowledge with them) to become a part of the culture.

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