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April 28, 2009


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Vera, Thanks for your heartfelt comments. You portray quite well a key difference between many in our generation and many in the previous generation. We do seem to be redefining (as we go along) what is possible. On the other hand, that generation endured one or two-world wars and a depression which can make one really want to just sit down in a big arm chair after retirement and put one's feet up. In the end, lots of factors have created the difference than you point out. Thanks for your perspective.

Vera Dolan

I can certainly relate to your thoughts, Barry. Just having finished my latest degree at 47 and already warming up for my doctorate, I cannot see myself stopping. And when I start thinking I'm getting too old for all this, I remember this guy graduating from University of Toronto at 94.

Networking in search of new professional horizons is also something I've been doing. At this point, it is so energizing seeing we're not alone! We're not "the old wannabes" as many would think years ago. There's still a new something for us every day.

When I remember the way I used to look at my parents and their friends when they were my age, thinking they were so old just waiting for death, I cannot believe it. Although, I must say that they seemed to behave as if they did accept there was nothing else left and that they were indeed too old to try something new. What a change in generations can do!

Thank you.

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